MINNIES: Home of Good Food - Chicago IL

Minnies and Me

By Sarah Preston - Chicago Magazine - July 2006

My relationship with nightlife in Chicago, as with many of the men in my life, is often love-hate. Let's take Minnies, for example, that new purveyor of bite-size sandwiches: it's the brainchild of Jonathan Segal, the 36-year-old restaurateur whose family has had a hand in such hot spots at Le Passage, Le Colonial, P.J. Clarke's and Japonais. I love the 24-hour takeout window at Minnies—although I hate it when I let myself give in to the late-night munchies. I love those cute seven-ounce bottles of Heineken—but hate that Ihad to go through an entire bucket of six ($13) to satisfy my craving. I love the Minnie Fizz ($9), made with Stoli O vodka, original-formula Fresca, and sliced sugar cane—but hate that it's called a Minnie Fizz when in fact it's actually quite large. I love the forties diner decor—but the swirly black-and-white wallpaper made me dizzy. I love that John Cusack showed up on his bike on a recent Sunday and had the Minnie turkey cheeseburgers and chocolate chip mint cookies. And did I mention that I loved the teeny-tiny turkey sandwich with cranberries, the Minnie burgers and especially the name of the Skinny Minnie burger for calorie counters (three for $7; six for $13; 12 for $24)? But why must they make their delicious chicken salad with onions, which I hate? I guess we can't win 'em all.

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