Minnie Meal Masters

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What You’ll Get…
If your friend decides to become a Minnie Meal Master, you'll receive:

  • A $25 Minnies Gift Certificate for each friend you refer
  • A 10% discount on any future orders by your company (first friend only)
  • The respect and admiration of your friend

What Your Friend Will Get…
When you submit this form, you friend will receive an e-mail from you that invites them to learn about Minnie Meal Masters on this website. If they decide to register, they'll receive the same benefits you did.

  • A Free Catered Meal for their Office
  • A $25 Minnies Gift Certificate that they can use however they choose
  • Additional gift certificates when they refer their friends to Minnie Meal Masters
  • Coupons for other corporate discounts from Minnies
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